Pool Filters


Pool Filters

Swimming pool filters are essential components of pool maintenance systems, responsible for keeping the water clean, clear, and free from debris. These filters work by removing impurities and contaminants that accumulate in the pool water over time. One common type of pool filter is the sand filter. Inside a sand filter, a bed of fine sand serves as the filtration medium. As water passes through the filter, the sand traps dirt, leaves, hair, and other particles, preventing them from re-entering the pool. Periodically, the sand needs to be backwashed to remove the trapped debris and maintain the filter's effectiveness.

Another popular type of swimming pool filter is the cartridge filter. Cartridge filters feature a pleated, cylindrical cartridge made of paper or polyester fabric. The cartridge's fine pleats provide a large surface area for filtration, effectively capturing even small particles. When water flows through the cartridge, debris is caught in the folds, ensuring that only clean water circulates back into the pool. Cartridge filters are known for their easy maintenance, as they only require occasional rinsing or replacement of the cartridge depending on its condition. They are also energy-efficient, as they don't require backwashing and can operate at lower pump speeds compared to sand filters.

In summary, swimming pool filters play a vital role in maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of pool water. Whether using a sand filter or a cartridge filter, these systems help to remove impurities, ensuring that the water remains clear and safe for swimmers. Regular maintenance and proper care of these filters are necessary to ensure their optimal performance and longevity.


Ecuatech Pool and Spa can help you with all your pool needs.

Jandy CS Series Cartridge Filter Image

Jandy® CS Series Cartridge Filters — Superior Clarity at Half the Size

  • Easy-grip handles for easy lid removal
  • Extra-large 2" drain port for easy cleaning of debris
  • Pressure gauge with clean/dirty indicator makes it easy to assess filter condition
  • Versa Plumb ready for quick connection to Jandy pumps and equipment
  • 100, 150, 200, 250 ft2 models available

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