Smart Remote Controls


Smart Remote Controls

Swimming pool smart remote controls revolutionize the way pool owners manage and control their pool equipment and settings. These advanced remote control systems utilize smart technology, allowing pool owners to access and control their pool functions using smartphones, tablets, or voice-activated devices. With a smart pool remote control, you can conveniently adjust water temperature, control pool pumps and filtration systems, activate water features, schedule pool operations, and monitor water chemistry parameters from anywhere, at any time. The integration of smart technology enables real-time monitoring and control, providing greater flexibility and convenience for pool maintenance and operation.

One of the key benefits of swimming pool smart remote controls is the ability to monitor and manage pool conditions remotely. Many smart pool control systems come with sensors and connectivity features that allow you to monitor water temperature, pH levels, and chlorine levels in real-time. You can receive notifications or alerts on your smartphone if any parameters go out of range, allowing you to take immediate action. Moreover, some smart pool control systems are designed to integrate with smart home platforms, enabling seamless control of your pool equipment alongside other connected devices in your home. This level of integration provides a cohesive and centralized approach to managing your pool and enhances the overall convenience and efficiency of pool maintenance and operation.


Ecuatech Pool and Spa can help you with all your pool needs.

AquaLink RS - Ultimate Control of Your Pool Image

AquaLink® RS — Ultimate Control of Your Pool

Jandy AquaLink RS systems enable total control of your backyard experience. AquaLink RS systems are fully integratable with home automation systems and feature our patented seasonal adjust technology, which can modify schedules throughout the year for additional energy savings.

  • Control individual pool and spa functions, lighting, and water features from the convenience of your home
  • Automate daily pool equipment functions, such as filtration, sanitation and cleaning, and create one-touch macros
  • Integrates seamlessly with home automation systems
  • Control equipment anytime, anywhere from a smartphone or tablet with the iAquaLink® app
  • Create customized pool settings you can run with just the touch of a button to enjoy your pool the way you like
AquaLink PDA - Value Oriented Automation Image

AquaLink® PDA — Value-Oriented Automation for Feature-Rich Pools and Spas

The AquaLink PDA brings the power and flexibility of a control system to the palm of your hand.

  • Complete control system including a wireless handheld remote
  • Wireless control of heater set points and equipment, display of water and air temperatures
  • Control of up to eight auxiliaries

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