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  • My heat pump displays High Ref Pressure?
    • The heater is not getting enough water flow. Check the filter to see if it needs to be cleaned.
    • Check the By-Pass System to see if it is open. (Needs to be closed for water to go into the heater).
  • My Salt System is beeping or has codes. Test the level and write down any codes or messages.
    • Code 144 means the salt level is too low. Test the level and add salt.
    • Code 145 means the salt level is too high.Test the level and drain the pool then add fresh water until salt level until salt level is within range.
    • Code 123 means the cell is dirty and needs to be cleaned.
  • My pump says it is not priming the pool or spa water?
    • Turn off and on the pump breaker because the breaker may have tripped.
    • Check the filter to see if it is dirty, if so it must be cleaned.
    • Check pump and skimmer basket for debris.
    • Make sure the water level in the pool is in the middle of the water line tile if not then you must add water then prime the pump.
  • My lights are not synchronizing?
    • Reset to Alpine White, then choose another color.
    • If the lights don't synchronize, then advise warranty station of which lights are not synchronizing with others. They may need to be replaced.
  • My remote or automation is not working.
    • Test the breaker by turning it off and on.
    • Make sure the system is in "Auto" mode. If the wifi is not connecting it may be because the homeowner changed the internet provider. If so then the system needs to be programmed, which is not covered under warranty. Homeowner must then contact Jandy at 1-800-822-7933 or call a Jandy certified warranty station which will charge for the programming needed for the system.

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