Pool Salt Systems


Pool Salt Systems

Pool salt systems, also known as saltwater chlorine generators, offer an alternative method for sanitizing swimming pools compared to traditional chlorine-based systems. These systems utilize a process called electrolysis, where salt is added to the pool water, and an electrolytic cell converts it into chlorine. As the water passes through the cell, a small electric current breaks down the salt molecules, producing chlorine ions that disinfect the pool water. This continuous and automated process helps maintain the desired chlorine levels in the pool, ensuring clean and clear water for swimmers. Salt systems provide a more convenient and user-friendly approach to pool sanitation, as they eliminate the need for manual dosing of chlorine and reduce the frequency of chemical adjustments.

One of the main advantages of pool salt systems is the improved water quality and comfort they provide. The chlorine produced through electrolysis is milder and less harsh compared to traditional chlorine chemicals. This results in water that is gentler on the skin, hair, and eyes, reducing the potential for irritation or dryness. Additionally, salt systems offer a more consistent and stable chlorine level, avoiding the fluctuations commonly experienced with manual chlorination. Furthermore, the reduced reliance on traditional chlorine chemicals can lead to a reduction in unpleasant chlorine odors typically associated with heavily chlorinated pools. Overall, pool salt systems offer a convenient, effective, and more enjoyable method for maintaining a clean and well-sanitized swimming pool.


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Salt Chlorinator Image

Jandy® TruClear® Salt Chlorinator

  • Designed for easy installation, use, and service
  • Constructed of durable Jandy ValveĀ® CPVC material
  • Transparent window for quick blade inspection
  • Removable cell with attached cord for easy cleaning
  • Compact design for easy integration into most equipment pad configurations
  • Union version available for retrofit applications
  • Auto-reversing polarity to help reduce calcium buildup
  • 115V/240V hard-wired and self-contained design
Salt Chlorinator Image

Jandy® AquaPure® Salt Chlorinator

  • Automatic self-cleaning feature ensures consistent operation and extends the life of the cell
  • Premium titanium electrode blades with precious metal coating
  • Exclusive tri-sensor technology allows reliable electronic water flow detection to ensure maximum performance

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